These iconic Speedline wheels were made exclusively for Porsche by this Italian company.  They came in two versions (see below). Genuine items are 3 piece alloy construction.  The centre section is a proprietery alloy of aluminium , silicon and magnesium.  The bolts are exclusive.  The outer rims have “Speedline for Porsche ” etched in them. They can’t be replicated and are notoriously difficult to re-furbish. If damaged it is vital to find an expert!   A run of new wheels is now available from Porsche Classic at £6000+


At present i can only recommend  these two  refurbishers  –

UK – adrian64RS@aol.com and

USA – jdorociak@gmail.com


Speedline for Porsche – details

Fronts   8J  x 18  rim offset 52    weight 17 lbs

Rears    10J x18  rim offset 61     weight 24.5 lbs

Front part Number  965 362 136 00 Alloy wheel silver metallic  rim flange polished

Rear part Number  965 362 140 00                ”

Front part Number 965 362 136 01   Alloy wheel polished

Rear part Number 965 362 140 01           ”

14 wheel close up