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Register No 229        LHD   German  car            NOW SOLD

This is an outstanding highly optioned Special Wishes car . Delivered in 1993 in unique colours it may well be the first 3.6 turbo with most of the S  features installed . Apart from the side vents option it is very similar to the end of line USA ” Package Cars ” . More documentation from Porsche is due soon . ( December )

2 owners      85.9 Km  / 53.4  k miles     immaculate condition  ( paintwork refreshed )

Body colour       : Amaranth-Violett 

Interior colour   : Milano-Lilac               with huge amount of special leather work                   ( even more than the 993 Turbo S )

Below is a brief excerpt of the equipment or modifications made by Special wishes (see complete listing invoice of 8 October 93 and order confirmation 28 June 93 available on request )

  • M64/50S engine , performance from 360 to 385 hp (X88)  
  • Amended rear spoiler without rubber lip (X93)
  • 18-inch Speedline wheels
  • Vehicle Lowering by about 10 mm (X36)
  • Strut Brace (XD7)
  • 4-tailpipe exhaust (XE2)
  • Front bumper with air intakes (Z988)
  • Unique Leather interior: Both the headliner, as well as all the knobs and dials (incl. the ones from the radio), window openers, seat belt stalks, air nozzles, diaphragms, etc. were covered with leather. All this was created by hand at the Porsche Exclusive department
  • Seat heating left and right
  • Steering wheel / airbag  special leather   ( X26 )
  • Installation of specially delivered phone antenna on the roof (Z290) and a private telephone system
  • Footwell lighting left and right (XX2)
  • Floor mats, front with Porsche logo (XX1)

Invoice 964 Turbo 3.6


The original owner went about 6 times to the Porsche factory. According to him, the car was often waiting next to the production line because parts were missing due to the long list of special wishes . In the discussions between him and Porsche four stories are particularly interesting:

He did not like the rubber lip on the rear spoiler.  Porsche presented him some suggestions and sent three pictures of Porsche Turbos, each with a different rear wing. He chose from the proposals the current rear wing (see X93 on the bill, which the same as the later Turbo S). 

Note: Due to the selected rear spoiler, the upgraded front spoiler by Porsche was installed accordingly (Z988)

In order to have a better radio reception, he delivered a rooftop outdoor antenna to the factory. This was installed at the factory (see p. Z290 on the bill). Also he has delivered an improved telephone system at Porsche, that was also mounted in the factory (see Z996 on the bill).

Furthermore he wished to have light in the footwell – the first Porsche customer for the 964 with this wish. After several discussions in Zuffenhausen this was implemented (see XX2 on the bill).

Basically he wanted everything in the interior colour coded and in leather if possible . Porsche even made tests for seat belts colour to sample but it was not possible for this .   (see Z996 on the order confirmation with the corresponding note).

There are too many more options to list here amounting to the final price of 278,000 DM.

On 23. September 1993 the Turbo was registered and delivered at Porsche Essen .

Still located in Germany

In October and November 1993 two more modifications to the 964 Turbo were still made. Firstly spacers were from PZ Essen mounted (see statement). On the other hand, a MAMEROW sports suspension for about 4,000 DM was installed.

Unique Prototype ( Sold )

Original Porsche 964 Turbo 3,6l development / test car

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG research and development center in Weissach in July 1992

The car was used in Weissach as a research and test car. The car, specially the engine, transmission, etc. was build with many prototype parts known as PV 0 parts (Porsche development zero series).

Porsche drove in 10 months about 50.000 km and the car was sold after finishing development to a private person. Porsche itself says that this is the last existing prototype car. The 964 Turbo 3,6 was only build in Mj. 1993 with only 1400 total pieces.

The same statement also exist from Porsche development center in Weissach and was documented in the Porsche delivery record.

There were only 5 964 turbo 3,6l prototypes during the development process and 4 of these test cars were scrapped by Porsche.

Registration date: 07/08/1992 (introduction on the market: spring 1993)
VIN: WPO ZZZ 96 ZPS 470065 ( one of the first 5 bodies Porsche built, the number range started at 0060 )
First owner: Porsche AG Stuttgart

Technical information:
engine displacement: 3600 cc
performance: 360 PS
transmission: manual
color: polar silver metallic
interior: leather black
mileage: 93.000 km

18 inch 3 piece Speedline – Porsche rims, full electric power seats with lumbar support, leather trim, bord computer, air conditioning, sun roof, power windows, immobilizer, ABS, power steering, power lock, rear window wiper, sport suspension, limited slip differential, Airbag diver and passenger side, sound system Blaupunkt, etc.


– Porsche delivery record
– Porsche service book
– Porsche user manual
– service records from the former owner
– German car with an Austrian title
– Last service at Porsche factory march 2014

From the beginning of development the 964 Turbo 3,6l Porsche intend this car as a twin turbo. They were running out of time and money and made the decision to build a single turbo

Kentucky     USA   :    Oak Green Metallic / Tan                   SOLD

Register No. 159               87k miles           Deposit taken

Same  Owner since  1994

Always serviced at local Blugrass Porsche centre

All original  , including speedlines.  No repairs , just regular servicing including a new clutch. Usual road rash on original bodywork.

UK  –    Polar silver / black interior

Register No.114   is now  SOLD

Robin 2


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