This site and registry documents  the last in line of the RWD air-cooled 911 turbos  (see history). Hand finished in limited numbers during tough economic times for Porsche  the one year production run ended in February 1994 with a total of just 1407 built . These cars offer pure driving thrills in a fantastic quality package that will never be repeated again.

The first aim of this website was to locate and register  the 159 RHD cars  produced .

72 are UK ( C16 )  26 Hong Kong ( C15 )  15 Australia    ( C23 )  5 NZ  ( C24) . The rest are C26 which covers Singapore Brunei Malaysia and SA ( factory numbers ) . This aim is nearly complete & so LHD cars are  now encouraged to register . I hope to also provide the best reference for all who are interested in this Classic Supercar  .

Please submit your details here for the register.

Any comments, suggestions or requests are welcome.

John Ashcroft


Disclaimer: This is an independent website. There is no association with Porsche AG or any of its subsidiaries and the name of Porsche is used here only for identification purposes